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    The appearance of a city is in constant change. Buildings are being renovated, altered or demolished. And constantly something new is being built. Have you ever had the desire to participate in such real estate projects? Whether it be to have a say in the design or simply because you want to support a project that suits you? Or are you interested in earning a bit of money through returns ?? Platforms like Rendity give you the opportunity to do it. Since the use of capital is always associated with a certain risk, it is advisable to be informed in advance about the conditions that are associated with it. Take a look at the testimonials of others who have already made investments with Rendity and find out if investing in this platform is worthwhile for you or if you'd better keep away from it.

    About Rendity

    Rendity GmbH is a startup based in Vienna. It provides an online platform on which investors can participate in real estate projects through crowdinvesting . Furthermore, developers have the opportunity to submit their own projects and get financial support for them. Through the equity crowdfunding , the load is spread over many shoulders and so can the use of risk decrease for the individual. The minimum amount that can or must be invested is € 1,000.

    What is Rendity?


    Registration and use of the platform is free of charge for investors . However, participation in projects can result in financial losses. The website expressly refers to certain risks such as bankruptcy , total loss, inflation, etc. It should also be noted that lenders must be resident within the European Economic Area. A detailed FAQ page explains the most important topics. For questions that are not or insufficiently answered, you can contact by email to the company. Rendity provides its clients with a clearing account, the so-called investor wallet, over which all transactionscan be tracked in real time. This is also accessible via smartphone or tablet. The individual investments can be made by bank transfer , but also by credit card . The individual projects offered on the site are, according to their own statements, subjected to a detailed examination and subdivided for the investor. This provides insight into project costing and the financing structure. News about the project is regularly sent to the investors.


    Have you already made investments through Rendity? Were the projects in which you participated successful or failed? How satisfied were you with the process and the care in between? Has the investment paid off for you? Was the whole thing clear or is it easy to lose track? Write a review and explain to other customers about the positive and negative aspects of investing through this company.

    With the crowdinvesting platform Rendity you can already invest in real estate projects with 1000 €

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