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    State-of-the-art smartphones are becoming increasingly expensive and are more sensitive to scratches and falls, which is almost inevitable. To prevent your phone from being suddenly damaged and scratched by falls, you should get some protective covers.

    As you already know, protective cases are made of different materials such as plastic, silicone and leather, which are cool, but not always the best option on the market. For example, silicone housings are good and available in different designs. However, due to their stickiness, they can easily become dirty. If you use a silicone case, hopefully you have learned how to clean it. Another is the plastic case that is most commonly used, but not all plastic cases are accompanied by cushioning materials, as cushioning materials help protect against bumps. Many reasons why you should try new protective cases made of real wood, offer a noble and individual design and should be brought to you by MIDOKI.

    About Midoki

    Midoki, a young start-up company based in sunny Kaiserstuhl in southern Germany, known for its unique production and creativity in customizable wooden smartphone cases. Always believed that nature is not only on our doorstep, but can also be found in the raw materials we use. This has significantly improved the company to be noticed by various customers worldwide through primary sales channels, e-commerce and business.

    A company that has set itself the goal of creating something extraordinary out of every smartphone and giving your favorite device more personality and durability. Midoki wooden cases not only protect your smartphone, they also make it look good. Because every product is designed according to your own ideas.

    AMAZING GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY (Plunder Pirate Rovio & Midoki)

    Midoki services

    Midoki offers you chic iPhone & Galaxy protective cases made of wood - you can design your own phone case or choose from one of the motifs. No matter what you choose, an engraving in wood with a tactile structure and surface instead of a printed cell phone cover ensures a unique accessory. And it is particularly important that the wooden boxes are made of wood that comes from sustainable forestry.

    Varied and individually tailored to you

    - The time of boring single-color plastic covers is long gone. Today there are matching protective covers for the iPhone in many designs and colors. Midoki iPhone cases made of wood provide variety and a special look. Elaborate and at the same time abstract designs from the collection make your wooden box particularly appealing and personally tailored to you. From rustic dark walnut to light maple, classic cherry wood and trendy bamboo, there is something for everyone. Impact-resistant hard shells made of a combination of wood and plastic withstand even harder impacts and are the perfect protection against scratches and scratches.

    Fast shipping and fast payment

    - Midoki strives to make the shipping costs cheap and with maximum transparency. The shipping costs include the costs for postage, packaging, logistics and VAT. With Midoki, you can only pay the shipping cost for the purchase, regardless of how much you order, depending on the country of delivery. You will definitely love it.

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